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Toad in the hole is a British meal traditionally made with sausages cooked in  Yorkshire Pudding batter. Created as a way to stretch meager meat portions in poor households, it was a regular feature in my late English mum’s post WWII  childhood. My 6 siblings and I just thought it was delicious when she’d make it  for us. I chose the name in honor of my mum who, like the dish’s origins, was skilled at making do with what she had. Her ability to make beautiful things -  food, households, clothes, a life - out of the humblest of beginnings inspire me  daily.  


Although I’ve made art consistently my entire life it wasn’t until the youngest of my 4 kids was in first grade and my oldest was a sophomore in college that I returned to school, as a full time art major. That was in 2002, at Hartwick  College in Oneonta, NY. The art history classes blasted my world wide open but it was the studio art classes, especially print making, that changed me, literally,  for good.  

I graduated with concentrations in printmaking and drawing in 2006. Now, after leaving the central NYS family farm in 2011, my husband and I live in SW Vermont where we own and operate a very tiny dairy, Wayward Goose Farm. As an artist I’m still catching up, still learning, still figuring things out, and still making sense of the chaos and noise this world never seems to be in short supply of, by making art.  

Currently my art (mostly reduction block prints) can be seen on the labels of  Red Clover Ale Company’s award winning beer and in private collections near and far.

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_Me and Mine 1968_ illustration.jpg

My mum, Mavis, and 5 of her 7 kids (I'm the one in the suspendered skirt), somewhere in NJ, 1968

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