Choosing to not be silent

Troubled by the direction our country seems to be heading and the feeling of powerlessness that many of us feel, I've decided to stop wringing my hands and to no longer give in to the fear and constant anxiety that have been my default operating mode since the last presidential election. I am offering for sale a limited edition original linoleum print, the profits from which will be sent directly to organizations that are on the front lines in the fight for human and environmental rights including,, ACLU, Environmental Defense Fund, Natural Resources Defense Council. I don't have the financial means to support all the causes that desperately need help right now but I DO have a love of making art. I'm hoping I can translate that into charitable giving, while at the same time spreading this much needed message of tolerance and inclusion.  


There is Room for everyone

The reference photo I used for this print was from an article from the University of Wisconsin titled, "Climate change alters cast of winter birds". Essentially, the article talked about the phenomenon, likely caused by climate change, of birds typically found in more southerly regions extending their winter ranges farther north, resulting in species that don't normally inhabit the same space, or feeder, for that matter, now living and feeding "together". Man-made causes forcing beings to leave their native surroundings seeking food and safety in strange lands. I found the image to be quite appropriate given the current disaster this administration is perpetrating on asylum seekers at our borders.

 each print is done completely by hand, from inking to pressing the plate.

each print is done completely by hand, from inking to pressing the plate.

to purchase a print

Each 8"x10" original piece is printed on archival paper with oil based ink, signed, titled, and numbered. The cost is $20, including shipping. Profits from all sales will be split between the charities above.

If you wish to purchase, and to ensure that as much of the proceeds go directly to the cause rather than to Etsy, please contact me via the link at the top of the home page, rather than the "shop" link. I will give directions for payment and you will give me "where to send" information and together we can do something to help offset THIS man-made disaster.

UPDATE: As of July 9, 2018 I am officially sold out of all of the first edition of these prints, raising a total of $652, which was split between all of the organizations above and donated on July 5. I am thrilled that so many people purchased, knowing that their money was going directly to organizations that are literally battling for the lives of their fellow humans and the planet. I have since printed a second edition which continues to sell and will be donating those proceeds as well.


 There are only 17 of these printed! 

There are only 17 of these printed! 


Prompted by the goodwill of so many wonderful people, I have created a very limited edition of hand tinted "Room For Everyone" prints. These are printed on a bit more "deluxe" printmaking paper, French-made Rives BFK, and each one was hand tinted in watercolors by me. Various finches and woodpeckers and grosbeaks all dining together, enjoying one another's company, here with their bright colors proudly on display! Isn't that what our country should be like too? Each hand colored print is $35 and the profits from them will also be donated to the same four organizations as the first edition.